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Welcome to the world newborn Trinity! You had a bit of a rough start when your mom got so sick with preeclampsia. Or perhaps it is even more so, that Lexi had a rough start to motherhood.

Preeclampsia is a very serious gestational condition that affects at least 5-8% of pregnancies. Symptoms include, but are not limited to; headaches, blurred vision, inability to tolerate bright light, fatiguenausea/vomiting, urinating small amounts, pain in the upper right abdomen, shortness of breath, and tendency to bruise easily. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor immediately if you are pregnant and experience blurred vision, severe headaches, abdominal pain, and/or urinating very infrequently. Please visit this link, or talk to your doctor, if you want to know more about preeclampsia.

Luckily for Lexi & Trinity, when serious symptoms arose, Lexi was sent to the hospital for immediate care & delivery. And both ladies were able to begin their recovery from their scare with preeclampsia. Lexi ended up staying in the hospital for three weeks after Trinity was born. Just days after her discharge, we were able to get them to the studio for a last minute newborn session. It was clear everyone was exhausted from the hospital ordeal, but other than some sleepiness, they were all in really good spirits.

Trinity is a real cutie pie & I know that her parents & grandparents, love & treasure her much more than she will ever know.



Lexi requested pinks & yellows for Trinity’s session. And you could not imagine how excited I was to finally be able to use my newest yellow headbands, blankets & props. Yellow is not an often requested color for newborn baby girls. Unfortunately, just as I was settling Trinity into one of my favorite yellow sets, she decided that she needed to use the restroom … all over it … rendering it completely unusable during this session. Oh well, maybe I will get to use it next time someone requests yellow for their baby girl. Hint, hint.





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I have really enjoyed knowing & working with this family over the past half dozen years. As small business owners, with their own custom build contracting company, Sunset Quality Builders, they are super nice people, and an amazing asset to the community as a whole. Almost exactly 6 years ago, Shawn & Sarah’s company completed our own custom home build. I just love when small business owners continue to support each other in their business endeavors.

I have worked with this family several times in the past as well. Photographing the newest addition to the Berna clan, little Hayden. Click here to see Jackie & Christian’s maternity session, Hayden’s newborn session, and Hayden’s Growing Up Series, and the Berna family’s 2016 family mini session. They are just such fun loving people, so I couldn’t have been happier to photograph their entire family again this year.

Family Photography Session – Berna Family

The location, way out in Oro Valley, was suggested by Sarah because of it’s sentimental significance. Now that a couple of her kids are grown…finishing high school & having kids of their own, she wanted to bring the entire family back together to a place that was a favorite when the kids were younger. Honey Bee Canyon Park was all that it was cracked up to be, and more. A hidden desert gem, located among newly built subdivisions all around it’s perimeter. I can’t wait to take my kids back there to explore the canyon some more. During the session we spent much of our time on & around the old stone dam, but I’ve heard that there are Hohokam petroglyphs there as well! Click this youtube link to see a video of the Honey Bee Canyon area!



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Newborn Session – Giselle

Do you ever feel that instant connection with someone? That is the way I felt when I met Giselle’s mom, Aja for the first time. And due to a slightly restless baby, we got to spend several hours together talking during the session. And boy did we talk…about parenting, about birth & recovery, about travel, about life, and about the future. Anything & everything under the sun. We just clicked. It made the time pass swiftly. Even while I was working with Giselle, Aja and I continued talking. It was great. One of the most relaxed & enjoyable newborn sessions that I’ve ever had.

And although Giselle was restless at first, she really settled in on the beanbag and this session turned out to be one of my most favorite newborn galleries ever delivered (to this date). I really hope to see this sweet family again in the future!

Album Mock-up

One very popular Signature Art product, is my Heirloom Album. They come in the standard sizes of 20 pages (10 spreads) in an 8×8 or 10×10, but custom sizes are available as well. These are the most popular for newborn and senior sessions. And are very much in demand with my Dynamite Baby Plan clients, where they can include their favorite images from spanning over several sessions.

My top-of-the-line ART Album is a 14×9, 30+ pages, and is amazingly high quality. Click here to see the product spotlight that I wrote on my beautiful ART Albums back in 2016.

Below is a rough mock-up of the 10×10 Heirloom Album, created from my absolute favorite images of Giselle’s newborn session.

Spread One


Spread Two


Spread Three


Spread Four


Spread Five


Spread Six


Spread Seven


Spread Eight


Spread Nine


Spread Ten



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Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

Who knows what Motherhood will look like months or even years from now? One thing is for certain, it won’t be like it is today!

For me, what it means to be a Mom changes each and everyday. And, nothing has been more valuable to me, than capturing these memories & preserving a glimpse of what it means to be a Mommy, right now, at this stage in our lives.


In celebration of Mother’s Day 2018, these Mommy & Me sessions are for mothers & their children (of any age). A session like this is a meaningful & lasting Mother’s Day gift for any amazing mommy!

These sessions are unique in that they focus solely on the connection mothers have with their children. On a plain white background with light, neutral colored clothing, the focus becomes the cuddles & love shared in these special moments together.


The Mommy & Me mini sessions will be held at 10am, 10:45am, 11:30am, and 12:15pm on Saturday, April 28th & Sunday, April 29th. Lasting no more than 30 minutes each, these mini sessions are low stress & enjoyable for everyone involved!

Included in the session fee is an 14×11 print of your favorite image, plus 4 additional digital files. At your viewing appointment, you will make your selections. You will have between 10-15 images from which to make your selections. If you wish, you may choose to upgrade the size & type of your print, purchase artwork, or add-on additional digital files. We will schedule your viewing appointment before you leave your Mommy & Me mini session.


Contact me as soon as possible to book your session, availability is limited!

The Mommy & Me mini session dates & times are:

April 28th

9:15am – BOOKED

10:00am – BOOKED

10:45am – BOOKED

11:30am – BOOKED

12:15pm – Available

1:00pm – BOOKED

April 29th

9:15am – BOOKED

10:00am – BOOKED

10:45am – BOOKED

11:30am – BOOKED

12:15pm – BOOKED

Please contact me if there are any Daddy’s interested in a similar session. My Daddy & Me sessions have been scheduled for June 2nd.

The Daddy & Me mini session date & times are:

June 2nd

9:15am – Available

10:00am – BOOKED

10:45am – Available

11:30am – Available




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  • March 7, 2018 - 8:57 am

    Jennifer selberg - How much is the mini session for mother’s day. I would like to book the one on the 28th. Thank you.ReplyCancel

As members of my Dynamite Baby Plan, the Colon Family knew they wanted to do Javier’s 18 month pictures. But they also wanted to really focus on Nesmary’s maternity pictures. So they decided to hold onto the last session in their baby plan until Javier’s second birthday. And instead they booked a private family mini session this past fall. And then Nesmary volunteered to model for my first ever maternity milk bath.

Nesmary missed the chance to get maternity images while pregnant with Javier. So the maternity pictures were really important to her this time around. To read more about Javier’s unexpected arrival and to see his newborn portraits, click here. You can also see his 6 month and first birthday sessions if you click here, and here.

Private Fall Family Mini Session

We started out with the family session at the end of October. Unfortunately, it was still hot out, and little Javier just wanted to run around and play. Normally this would be okay, but we were at Saguaro National Park, and at only 18 months old, he had very little awareness of cactii yet. So we all had to stay pretty close, which combined with the heat, made Javier a little cranky. He had little interest in sitting in anyone’s laps, or being held for more than a few seconds at a time. But with a liberal amount of tickles, and Daddy running circles around me like a crazy person, we managed to get some great interactive family portraits.


If possible, I believe that every expecting momma deserves a beautiful maternity sunset silhouette!


Maternity Milk Bath & Studio Session

About two weeks later, Nesmary came back to my studio to do some solo Maternity portraits, including my first ever maternity milk bath session.

First, we started out in the studio with some of the more classic maternity poses in long flowy dresses & draped lacey fabric.


Nesmary told me that she bought this bracelet to wear in her wedding & always intended to give it to her future daughter. I thought that it was such a nice touch when Nesmary included this bracelet in her baby girl’s maternity photos. What a treasure this image, and that bracelet, will be to her daughter someday!


I love that she was willing to do a nude portrait as well! What a great model!


After the studio portion was completed, we moved on to the maternity milk bath. I definitely learned a few new tips & tricks after this first time around, but I couldn’t have asked for a better model. She is undeniably gorgeous & fit, as well as patient, but best of all she was willing to share her beautiful pregnant belly with the world.


All in all, I couldn’t have asked for more out of these studio images, or from the maternity milk bath. Thank you Nesmary, for your excellent maternity modeling work!


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