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First Birthday & Cake Smash Session – Cooper

It was so much fun seeing Cooper again at his first birthday & cake smash session. His mom chose to use the same colors that we used for his newborn session, blue, grey, and cream, with some dark wood tones, and I couldn’t have loved the results any more.

One of my favorite things to do when my newborn clients return for milestone & birthday sessions, is to use some of the same props & blankets that we did in the newborn session to really be able to compare the changes that have happened over baby’s first year. Check out the difference!!


It’s amazing how much grown takes place in body, but the personality explosion is HUGE. This cutie has personality to spare! He was busy busy busy & so silly during his session. Just on the cusp of walking, he never wanted to stay still. He needed to explore, bang on, touch & taste everything he saw. Only the cake was able to entice him to pause…if only momentarily.

This is one of my favorite cake smashes to date. I love the simplicity and coordination of the decor with the cake & clothing choices. The whole scene really puts the emphasis on Cooper – and seeing his interactions with the cake is really the best part of a cake smash anyway.


As most parents know, once baby pulls to stand and discovers their balance…there is really no stopping them! Cooper’s favorite thing – by far – was pushing this step stool all around my studio. As you can see he had the biggest smile, complete with tongue & laughter the whole time.


For a little boy on the move, he couldn’t be contained with Mom & Dad snuggles – so to keep him interested, both Mom & Dad took their turns throwing him in the air. Cooper loved it and Mom & Dad got in their daily work out. Win win!




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Twin Newborns Session – Bailey & Bentley

The boy/girl newborn twins, Bentley & Bailey surprised us all by arriving months before their due date, and more than 4 weeks before their scheduled delivery date. They were born only a few days after we did Rachael’s beautiful maternity portraits & milk bath. As well as their big sister’s 1st birthday session. While we all wished that they had waited until they were supposed to come, we are so glad that we were able to get these sessions in before they were born!

Born at 30 weeks and 6 days, Bentley was born at 3lbs 8oz & 15.5in, Bailey was slightly smaller at 3lbs 5oz & 16in! After dropping down to just around 3lbs after birth, they were back up passed their birth weight by two weeks, and Bentley had passed Bailey, at 3lbs 11oz to her 3lbs 9oz. Once they were able to show that they could breath, eat enough to gain weight (either by breast or bottle), and maintain their core temperatures they were released from the hospital. The newborn twins weighed 4lbs 13.6oz and 4lbs 10oz at hospital discharge.

They came to see me shortly after they were released from the hospital. These 50 day old newborn twins were so adorable & they clearly loved to snuggle up together.

Take a look at the images of these beautiful newborn twins.


About six weeks later, Rachael came back to do a before & after milk bath with her twins. During this short session, they decided that they needed a little snack. So a simple milk bath session turned in to a milk bath nursing session. And I loved the results even more!!



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This is Part 5 of the 2017 fall family mini sessions highlight reel. To see parts 1, 2, 3 & 4, click here, here, here, and here. This final post of last year’s Family Mini Sessions cover the private mini sessions photographed throughout the fall season. There were a total of five families that opted for the private family mini sessions, each on different dates and at different locations.

To read more about my private family mini session offerings, available only on available weekend evenings, September 9th through December 15th, please see the notes at the bottom of this blog post.

Private Mini 1: Taylor Siblings – La Mariposa Clubhouse, September 2017

One of the perks of being in the creative field and working with other creatives, are making trade agreements. Jessi Taylor, owner of the AMAZING Q Confections, contacted me to photograph her children in September 2017. Instead of payment, I requested she pay me in cookies! What an awesome deal for both of us! I hope she decides that she needs more photographs of her children or family this year. I can always use some more cookies!!

But seriously, how adorable are her children…?


Private Mini 2: Flaherty Family – Saguaro National Park – East, September 2017

The Flaherty family was a newcomer the the Threshold family in September 2017. I was so glad to truly kick off the family session season with this beautiful group! They were very sweet & loving throughout their session, and we were able to get dozens of images for them to view in their online gallery. These are only a handful of my favorites from their private family mini session!


Private Mini 3: George Family – Agua Caliente Park , November 2017

An old favorite of families & photographers from all over Tucson, Agua Caliente Park is a gorgeous location with towering palm trees, park grass, reeds, and ponds. It was requested by the George Family due to Megan’s fond memories of the area when she was a child – now living across town, she thought this would be a fun way to introduce her children to her old NE Tucson haunts.

While we were there in mid-November, while still beautiful, it was also very crowded. With cooler temperatures finally arriving, there were multitudes of family parties, hikers, people walking their dogs & other photographers as well. But with the right timing, you wouldn’t be able to tell how many people were around, from these beautiful family images.


Private Mini 4: Hurley Family – Saguaro National Park – East, December 2017

The Hurley family were an awesome group. With four daughters slightly older than my own crew of daughters, I felt like I was getting a brief glimpse into my future. These four girls were fun, sassy, smart, silly, full of attitude & absolutely beautiful. Wherever we go we always get told, “Just wait until they are teenagers!”. I wonder if the Hurley family gets those comments from well meanings strangers as well? Regardless, I bet both our groups of daughters will enjoy keeping us on our toes in the years to come!


Private Mini 5: Drane Family – La Mariposa Clubhouse, December 2017

Another newcomer to the Threshold family, Misty contacted me for a last minute session. We had troubles scheduling the session due to crazy work schedules, we went back and forth for months. So, of course, the one day that we both had available before Christmas, it decided to rain. Lucky for us, the rain showers took a short break during our mini session, so we didn’t get too wet. However, the ground was wet & the temperature due to the wind chill was very cold. The kids were little popsicles by the time we finished up!

Although conditions weren’t ideal during the session, we still got some fun family pictures for their Holiday cards!


Several weeks ago I posted all of the details of this year’s Fall Family Mini Session Event for 2018, including details on the Private Mini Session options. Please see that post for all the details.

Next week, I will be back to posting all about the wonderful babies & families that come to my studio throughout the year. I will continue to post updates about the family mini sessions in the 2018 details blog post, as well as on my Facebook page & Instagram page,, follow me to keep informed!


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This is Part 4 of the 2017 fall family mini sessions highlight reel. To see parts 1, 2 & 3, click here, here, and here. Four awesome families were photographed at this idyllic desert location.

Saguaro National Park – East at the broadway trailhead couldn’t be more perfect for the desert mini session location. With it’s towering saguaros, craggy mesquite, and the well known (and often feared) cholla & prickly pear cactii, with the Catalina Mountains rising in the background, this backdrop for family portraits is stunning. Another one of my favorite Northeast Tucson locations, if you are looking for desert beauty Saguaro National Park – East just cannot be beat.

To see all of the locations available for the 2018 Fall Family Mini Sessions, read my blog post from two weeks ago!

PART 4: Saguaro National Park – East – Desert – December 2017, Mini Session Highlights

I couldn’t have asked for a happier or more beautiful family to kick off these desert mini sessions. As a last minute booking (only hours before the start time), it was a joy to welcome the Ludlums to the Threshold family. They were so kind, sweet & loving to each other throughout the session. It was abundantly clear that their Momma, Jill, adores every last hair on their little blonde heads. And that the siblings also have a very close relationship built on love (and a bit of tolerance as well). Their smiles were almost always genuine & they seemed to really enjoy their time spent in each other’s company.

What a great way to start the day! I hope they come & make my day again at this year’s mini sessions!


The Martinez family was a new member of the Threshold family. And I couldn’t have been more pleased with this adorable family of five. They came dressed to impress with button-up shirts in shades of blues & greys. And the boys were on their best behavior, hardly even getting their dress pants dirty during their desert mini session. It was a real joy working with them & I hope to be seeing them again for a mini session this year!


I love this family & I have missed them these past few years. I did a family mini session for them in 2015 when their little guy was only a few months old. To see that session, click here.

I was overjoyed when she booked again this year, and even more excited to see they had expanded their family to add one tiny girl. True to fashion their baby girl was super duper smiley for the first 15 minutes, and then completely over it for the last five. This is why these 20 minute mini sessions are just perfect for families with little ones. I hope to see the Hart family again in the years to come!


Do you ever have the moment where you swear you’ve met someone before, but can’t place it? That was the way it was with this family. I spent much of the session trying to remember & even now to this day, I haven’t come up with it. Regardless, of where I have or haven’t met them before…as newcomers to the Threshold family, they were an awesome addition!

The Moody family really embodied the virtues of both joy & patience. Their little girl was so busy exploring, collecting & climbing on ALL of the rocks. She can be seen holding her gravelly treasures in her hands in several image (and her parents just rolled with it). At one point while we were getting set up for the next set of images, she did have a bit of a run in with a teddy bear cholla. An unfortunate incident, though she recovered in time for more pictures with her baby brother.

I am hoping that the next time I see the Moody family for a session, I will finally remember where I have met them before!


Two weeks ago I posted all of the details of this year’s Fall Family Mini Session Event for 2018. We will be headed to a new desert location with very limited availability! Check this post for details!

Later this week, I will be posting some more highlights from last year’s 2017 Private Family Mini Sessions. Make sure to check these out! If you are looking for something more custom, without the strict time constraints that are placed on my group mini sessions, a private family mini session could be just what you need!


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This is Part 3 of the 2017 fall family mini sessions highlight reel. To see parts 1 & 2, click here & here. In this week’s installment, four families were photographed, at this beautiful location.

La Mariposa is an exclusive resort clubhouse, well known for it beautiful groomed grounds, popular as a wedding venue, but this location also has many natural desert & wild grassy features as well. This is one of my very favorite photography locations in Northeast Tucson. I recommend it to any of my clients looking for a great place for their outdoor session. And the client response to this location continues to be amazing, with La Mariposa being the very first location that was completely sold out in 2017. I am looking forward to using this location again this year!

To see all of the locations available for the 2018 Fall Family Mini Sessions, read my blog post from last week!

PART 3: La Mariposa Clubhouse – November 2017, Mini Session Highlights

This family comes through again! With some of the most stunning images from the entire year’s line up of mini sessions. In late 2017, I used an image from the Boggiano family to help advertise for my family mini sessions. This year I did it again. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how their images came out. I don’t know if it is because they always look amazing, or if it is their interactions with each other, or some of both. Whatever it is…it’s magic! To see their last family mini sessions with me click here and here.

And, even though their baby was a little bit cranky, she managed to hang in there & even give me some sweet little gummy smiles. Their older daughter has always been so cooperative & she is just as gorgeous as her parents, which always makes her a joy to photograph. Plus, she calls me “Miss Tina”…how cute is that?


The Dujmic Family was a wonderful newcomer to the Threshold family. Their three boys had to be the cutest little guys for miles around. Full of snuggles, hugs, laughter & smiles, this family couldn’t have been more fun to work with. I mean, just look at that beautiful, fun-loving family, with the biggest brown eyes you’ll ever see! How could we not make photographic magic with a group like this?!



Another, even larger, set of boys came to visit me at the very next mini session. The Eulalio family are long time friends of our family, and return clients, from a handful of years ago.

It was so great catching up with them again after not seeing them for a few years & equally exciting to see them continuing to add to their handsome horde. Another sweet little guy would be added to the mix just weeks after this session! I am looking forward to seeing if their new little man takes more after mom or dad. Regardless, he will have to grow to be fun-loving & energetic in order to keep up with his wild older brothers!


I have known & loved the Lopez family since the very beginning of my photography career. It all started when I approached a visibly pregnant Cherish at my kids’ pediatric dentist, Tucson Smiles, (whom I love) & where Cherish works as office manager. I asked her if she wanted to do some maternity & then newborn pictures once her baby was born. She agreed & a friendship was born! To see those very early sessions in my career, click these links; maternity, newborn/ 4 month / 8 month, 2015 family session, 2016 family session. It is so fun to watch a family grow & change over time, and to see what a sweetheart McKinley is becoming. I cannot wait to see how much older McKinley looks at this year’s mini sessions!


To see all of the details of this year’s Fall Family Mini Session Event for 2018, follow this link.

Next week, I will be posting some more highlights from last year’s 2017 Fall Family Mini Sessions at the Saguaro National Park – East location!


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