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My newborn sessions are offered for a baby who is six weeks and younger. By far the most time consuming session, at around three to four hours, this session includes a myriad of poses and props, as well as optional family & sibling portraits.

A milestone baby session is intended for babies six weeks through 11 months. These sessions typically include several different scenes and accompanying outfit changes for baby, as well as both posed & interactive family portraits. A milestone baby session last about one hour.

Birthday sessions are used to highlight a baby’s birthday, with additional props, an optional cake smash, bubble bath and portraits with family. These sessions will typically take around one and a half to two hours, depending on the complexity of the props and decor.

While I adore newborn sessions, and birthday cake smashes are so much fun…I cannot resist the lure of the huge gummy smiles, chubby fists & rolls of a milestone session. The joy of a baby is infectious, and their interaction with the people around them is always fun to watch. While newborns sleep, and birthday babies are on the move, a milestone baby has their smile, curiosity & silliness on full display!

Milestone Baby & Family Session – Ezri

This family is just too cute. As professors at the University of Arizona, they are so so busy in their day to day lives, with both teaching & research, but it is clear that have taken the time and are doing an outstanding job of loving on Ezri, with the help of Grandma and her multiple visits from far oversea. This family couldn’t be happier no that little Ezri is in their lives!




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Looking back on my high school senior portraits, I remember the poses & the outfit changes, the studio yearbook pictures, and the more fun outdoor pictures. My Mom & Dad have a couple of large framed prints from that session, but the only thing I have is my proof book. A little album with my 20 final image options to flip through. That little book holds a lot of memories for me of my teenage-high-school-senior-verging-on-the-cusp-of-college-and-true-adulthood self.

It is my desire, as a high school senior photographer, to provide this for all of my high school senior clients. A little leather bound keepsake album that holds the majority of the images from your senior session. Something they can take with them as they grow. Something they can show their own children someday. I care about this so much, that these albums are currently included in all three of my senior collections.

Sabino High School, Class of 2018 – Joshua

Joshua graduated from Sabino High School, May 2018. He struck me as someone who is very thoughtful & kind. He obviously loves his family, and has many hobbies that he enjoys. I love how these images really capture Joshua’s style at this moment in time. Joshua & I had a bit of a chat over photography, because that turns out to be one of his big passions. One of my favorite images from his session is the one with him holding his camera to his eye.

These are the pages of the album I created for Joshua & his family. The album included in the senior packages measures 5×7 and is 20 pages, or 10 spreads long. It fits as many images as I think look good, aesthetically, but the design typically looks something like Joshua’s album below.




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Desert Maternity – Jenna & Roy

Jenna & Roy opted for an outdoor desert maternity session. The day was perfect (and not too hot!) & the session turned out beautifully! With the help of my eight year old daughter as the light stand holder, we were able to traverse all over this rugged desert trail & wash to get the perfect vantage point to capture both the beauty of the desert & the joy of pregnancy!

Jenna & Roy are another one of those couples that you just can’t get enough of. They are witty & fun, and seem like they could have been your long lost best friends. I loved watching them interact & even getting to participate in their easy-going banter and silliness. Not everyone carries this much joy with them wherever they go. These two couldn’t be better suited for each other, and I just know that little Henrik will have great parents and wonderful home life in which to grow up.


Newborn – Henrik

Mr. Henrik surprised us all when he came a month early! He was an adorably teeny tiny bundle throughout his session. His tiny newborn features are just perfect, with his kissy lips, wrinkly toes and peach fuzz shoulders. Henrik was patient & calm, and only really got upset when his arms & legs were both contained at the same time. He did not enjoy being swaddled tightly, and the glares he would give us were just hilarious. But he was just too adorable anyway.


The laughter in this image is 100% due to the fact that Henrik had spent the last 5 minutes alternating between projectile pooping & peeing in his parents arms. I am certain that they are both standing in some sort of gooey liquid, and it is hilarious! Just when we thought he was done, he started it up again!




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Woodard Belly and Baby Plan – Maternity & Newborn Sessions

Studio Maternity Session & Milk Bath – Whitney

Could this Momma be any more gorgeous?! It was such a joy working with Whitney & CJ for their studio maternity session & milk bath as part of their Belly and Baby Plan. I loved sticking to the color palette of purples, golds & whites throughout this session. Consistency in color through choices in clothing, fabric drapes & flowers really makes this gallery pleasing to the eye. We made sure to repeat many of these color choices in baby Charlee’s newborn session as well.

I love this image so much. To me it is the picture of a strong confident woman!


And this one, with it’s silver coloring & fabric drape, looks like it could be a statue of a goddess somewhere.


I always love it when I get Dad’s to take off their shirts & participate in the rim lighting portion of the studio session. It really adds some romance & intimacy to the session! CJ took a little cajoling to participate, but we joked that he earned some major points! And I LOVE how the images turned out!


Newborn Session – Charlee

I couldn’t have been more excited when I found out that baby Charlee had been born, and we would get to do the second half of the Woodard’s Belly and Baby Plan. And I was right to be excited! Charlee’s newborn session has got to be one of my top favorite newborn sessions ever. She is just a beautiful doll baby, with that thick curly hair, and chubby little cheeks. Plus, it always helps when baby sleeps like a dream & lets me play with all my new ideas and really get in there and perfect each pose! Because of this, there are at least 10 images in this gallery that are at the very top of my all time favorites lists! Prepare for cuteness overload! Enjoy!!

Dad was looking to recreate a specific pose from his first daughter’s newborn session. He even brought the same shirt to wear. How sweet it that?! While I did my best to recreate the pose he was looking for, I think that this first kissy image is even step up from what he was looking for! And it has become one of my (many) new favorites!! While CJ was 100% ready & excited to be in the pictures, Whitney surprised me when she arrived & told me that she wasn’t going to be participating.

So I told her my experience. After just giving birth, the very last thing I wanted to do is be in pictures…but then in the years after, how I have continued to look back fondly on those first images of me with my new baby. And Whitney changed her mind! She decided to hop in a few pictures…and I am SOO glad she did. They turned out beautifully!!





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First Birthday & Cake Smash Session – Cooper

It was so much fun seeing Cooper again at his first birthday & cake smash session. His mom chose to use the same colors that we used for his newborn session, blue, grey, and cream, with some dark wood tones, and I couldn’t have loved the results any more.

One of my favorite things to do when my newborn clients return for milestone & birthday sessions, is to use some of the same props & blankets that we did in the newborn session to really be able to compare the changes that have happened over baby’s first year. Check out the difference!!


It’s amazing how much grown takes place in body, but the personality explosion is HUGE. This cutie has personality to spare! He was busy busy busy & so silly during his session. Just on the cusp of walking, he never wanted to stay still. He needed to explore, bang on, touch & taste everything he saw. Only the cake was able to entice him to pause…if only momentarily.

This is one of my favorite cake smashes to date. I love the simplicity and coordination of the decor with the cake & clothing choices. The whole scene really puts the emphasis on Cooper – and seeing his interactions with the cake is really the best part of a cake smash anyway.


As most parents know, once baby pulls to stand and discovers their balance…there is really no stopping them! Cooper’s favorite thing – by far – was pushing this step stool all around my studio. As you can see he had the biggest smile, complete with tongue & laughter the whole time.


For a little boy on the move, he couldn’t be contained with Mom & Dad snuggles – so to keep him interested, both Mom & Dad took their turns throwing him in the air. Cooper loved it and Mom & Dad got in their daily work out. Win win!




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