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Avery booked her Belly & Baby Plan just after she was 12 weeks along. It was wonderful to be in contact with her throughout her pregnancy, as she learned the gender, through her baby shower and celebrations with her family, and she even got a chance to visit & help pick out props & colors for her maternity & newborn sessions.

Maternity Session – Avery

So when Avery arrived for her maternity session, I felt like I already really knew her well, and we were very comfortable & relaxed working together. It was great!

Avery’s maternity session was absolutely beautiful. She is a gorgeous woman inside & out. And I know that she is making a great Mommy to her sweet Zoey, whom she was SOOO excited to meet!

Newborn Session – Zoey

Zoey was a little angel baby during her newborn session. She took a lot of snack breaks during her newborn modeling gig, but that’s okay, she’s got to keep up her figure.

Zoey loved to be on her belly & slept the best there, whenever we flipped her on her back, she would squirm & wake up. This usually indicates some mild gas or re-flux issues, which is not uncommon for newborn babies. Sometimes, however, a baby that exhibits these signs & symptoms at their newborn session, will develop colic or be diagnosed with a milk sensitivity later on.

In the effort to keep Zoey content, we did many different outfits & setups with her in this tummy pose. It is always so interesting figuring out what works best for each baby. They are all so very different & unique – and sometimes Mom & Dad will learn something new about their baby as well!

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The Belly & Baby Plan includes a maternity & full newborn session. 

The maternity session portion can be either a studio or on-location outdoor session. The newborn portion includes a full newborn session, including parent & sibling portraits, as well as baby-only images, which takes place in my in home studio.

My studio is specifically set up for newborn & baby studio sessions. With a noise machine, heating pad, and temperature controlled environment, plus all of my lighting & stands, backdrops, outfits, and posing props available for quick and easy access. For convenience, my studio also has a comfortable couch, as well as an attached bathroom with changing table. 

Maternity – Sarah

Doesn’t Sarah look ah-maz-ing! I always wished that my body could take on this shape while pregnant, but alas, it did not. I love that she let me capture her amazing shape while in her lacy black underwear. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better outcome!


Newborn – Aaliyah

Sarah’s sweet babe Aaliyah came just a few weeks after her maternity session. And isn’t she a beauty as well? Aaliyah was not super sleepy for her session, and she let us know that she definitely preferred to be swaddled over being naked. but she did give us some beautiful keepsake images at the end of the day!


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The Belly & Baby Plan is ideal for those who know early on that they want both a Maternity & full Newborn session. There is a major savings on sessions fees when booking these both together.

Maternity sessions can be in the studio, or at an outdoor location of your choice. If you love the idea of an outdoor session, but don’t know where you want it…just ask me! I have many favorite outdoor locations in & around Tucson. Outdoor sessions almost always take place in the hours leading up to sunset, depending on your location choice.

If you opt for an indoor session, these can take place at anytime during the day. You may also add-on a milk bath for a small supply fee.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor session we utilize long flowy dresses & bump hugging tops, we will also utilize drapes, wraps, and perfect poses to really highlight your new curves.

Maternity Session – Megan

Megan is such a beauty! Her laughter, smile & the sparkle in her eyes really says it all. She could not be a sweeter or more kind person. And this couple together, I am certain that they are going to make wonderful parents!


Newborn Session – Eli

As a newborn photographer, you learn the typical signs & the little tells that are indicative of hunger, gas, tiredness, light sleep, deep sleep, etc…but each baby is different and as a newborn photographer, you’ve got to be on your game, paying close attention to each and every cue. Some babies are subtle, others…not so much. Eli was one of the latter – a lesson I learned within minutes of their arrival.

Eli liked to eat! And when he was hungry, you’d better not delay, because he will let you know…loudly! Once he got going, he did not want to stop, and we all seemed at a loss on how to get him to settle. However, he eventually did just that. And once he ate, he fell asleep nicely, and gave us some very cute poses & sweet sleepy smiles.


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I have been photographing my kids in matching Christmas pajamas for the past several years, and I have to say that I love the look! It is a fun & fabulous new(ish) trend. And I have had several requests for Christmas PJ studio sessions in the past, so in 2017 I decided to add the Christmas PJ Super Minis to my fall/winter family mini session offerings.

And I did have several families show up in their holiday finery to be photographed playing & snuggling together on my studio couch. The kids loved jumping & playing with their parents. And the parents were relaxed during the session and just adored how their final images turned out! It was truly as fun, easy, and relaxed as any family mini session could be.

Enjoy these photos from last year’s Christmas PJ Super Minis! Horned forest animals with a black & red color combo seemed to be the trend in this year’s Christmas PJ fashions.

2017 Christmas PJ Super Minis

To start off, I will show you some images of my test subjects. My own five kids dressed up in their matching Christmas PJs.


This family couldn’t be more loving & tender in their encounters with one another. They always seem overjoyed to be in each other’s company. Their love is palpable.

The Homack family went through some serious struggles last year, when Meaghan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I first photographed Meaghan & Blake together in the Mother’s Day mini sessions in April, which with the new diagnosis, was a very emotional experience for everyone. Then Meaghan was able to bring Blake in for the DAD mini sessions again in May. After a long roller coaster of treatments throughout the spring & summer, Meaghan was rewarded with clear scans. However, with this very aggressive form of cancer, her doctor’s tell her that she has anywhere from 1-5 years, despite the encouraging scans.

All I can say is that is has been an absolute pleasure getting to know this family. They have learned to embrace each and every day while living each moment with purpose, passion & hope. I truly admire them for their strength & courage.

For more information on ovarian cancer, click here.


The Alexander family is an amazing blended family, consisting of two mothers and their children from previous relationships, as well as their new baby Charlee. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Charlee’s newborn session in May of 2017. And she was such a sweet little doll for me. By the time you are reading this post, I will also have photographed Rachael’s twin pregnancy & twin newborn session earlier in 2018.

With two mothers deeply devoted to each other, these kids couldn’t be luckier to have this amazing foundation of love & support in which to grow & flourish.


To book a 2018 matching Christmas PJ session, please inquire.



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As a member of my baby plan, Norah has come to visit me for her newborn, six month & first birthday sessions over the past year. I have really loved watching her grow & hearing the stories. First about the long nights, and then about what she likes to eat, and then about all the things she gets into now that she is mobile. It reminds me of my own children. While every parent’s story is different & all children are totally unique – we are all on the same journey together, with the same destination in mind.

Take a look at Norah’s first year journey.

Newborn Session


Six Month Milestone Session

Norah has really changed so much since she was a newborn. It is truly amazing, right! Her hair is growing out & becoming lighter, so she has a reverse ombre look going on – which I absolutely adore. It reminds me of my youngest baby, Violet. Violet had the dark tips in her hair until she was about one. Michele & Cody participated in this session again. And it is always a joy watching how a baby will respond differently while being held by her parents!


First Birthday & Cake Smash

Unfortunately, Miss Norah was a little bit cranky due to teething during this session, so we didn’t get as many smiles as we might have hoped. But even a serious Norah…is still seriously adorable!



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