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Tucson Baby Photographer ~ Matthias ~ Blue Birthday & Cake Smash Session

After newborn sessions, a cake smash session is my next favorite type of session! While a newborn session is spent soothing & perfecting each pose – a cake smash session is spent cheering & making messes! They are quite opposite, really. But both can be beautiful. And when done right, they really tug on the heart strings.

Obviously, a newborn session is precious & irreplaceable, when life is still only measured in days & hours. Those are truly moments to treasure. And while each upcoming birthday is meaningful & important, the first birthday truly is a huge milestone. No longer will you be counting age in months & weeks, but instead the years will now stretch out before you. And they will begin to fly.

Blue Birthday & Cake Smash Session – Matthias

I love a beautiful birthday session. And Arely had it all planned out for her baby boy. She even sent me inspiration pictures! We gathered decorations & she brought a cake for a shades of blue  and gold birthday & cake smash session. It turned out beautifully!

And just in case you couldn’t tell by the mile-wide grins in every other picture, Matthias was a big fan of having his pictures taken. He loved smashing that cake and was fascinated by the frosting coating his hands. Arely said that he loves baths, so to make Matthias’s day even better…we followed up his sweet treat, with mini tub bubble bath to help wash off all of that frosting!

Check out the blue birthday & cake smash images below!

Tucson-First-birthday-family-baby-boy-blue-photographer First-birthday-family-baby-boy-blue-photography-Tucson Tucson-First-birthday-family-baby-boy-blue-photography First-birthday-family-baby-boy-blue-photographer-Tucson Tucson-First-birthday-family-photographer-baby-boy-blue

After some lengthy fertility struggles, this little guy is the blessed result. So it truly is a gift that he is here with us today.

“Some things are worth the wait”, right little Matthias? And you couldn’t be any more perfect!

Tucson-First-birthday-family-photography-baby-boy-blue First-birthday-family-photography-baby-boy-blue-Tucson First-birthday-family-photographer-baby-boy-blue-Tucson

First-birthday-cake-smash-family-photography-baby-boy-blue-Tucson First-birthday-family-photography-baby-boy-blue-Tucson-cake-smash First-birthday-cake-smash-family-photographer-baby-boy-blue-Tucson First-birthday-family-photographer-baby-boy-blue-Tucson-cake-smash First-birthday-family-photographer-baby-boy-blue-Tucson-bubbles


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