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Tucson Baby Photographer ~ Norah, Baby Plan, First Year Sessions

As a member of my baby plan, Norah has come to visit me for her newborn, six month & first birthday sessions over the past year. I have really loved watching her grow & hearing the stories. First about the long nights, and then about what she likes to eat, and then about all the things she gets into now that she is mobile. It reminds me of my own children. While every parent’s story is different & all children are totally unique – we are all on the same journey together, with the same destination in mind.

Take a look at Norah’s first year journey.

Newborn Session

Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer-pink Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer-family Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photography-family Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer-details Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photography Newborn-baby-session-baby-plan-Tucson-newborn-photographer-halloween-candy-corn

Six Month Milestone Session

Norah has really changed so much since she was a newborn. It is truly amazing, right! Her hair is growing out & becoming lighter, so she has a reverse ombre look going on – which I absolutely adore. It reminds me of my youngest baby, Violet. Violet had the dark tips in her hair until she was about one. Michele & Cody participated in this session again. And it is always a joy watching how a baby will respond differently while being held by her parents!

Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photographer-Session-black-and-white Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photographer-Session-grey-floral-crown Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-grey-floral-crown Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-black-and-white Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photographer-Session-Mustard-Ruffles Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-Mustard-Ruffles Six-Month-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photographer-Session

First Birthday & Cake Smash

Unfortunately, Miss Norah was a little bit cranky due to teething during this session, so we didn’t get as many smiles as we might have hoped. But even a serious Norah…is still seriously adorable!

One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-2 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-5 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-6 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-3 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-4 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-8 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-7 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-9 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-12 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-10 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-11 One-Year-Baby-Milestone-Studio-Photography-Session-First-Birthday-Cake-Smash-13


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