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Tucson Child Photographer ~ Derick, Tucson Botanical Gardens 3rd Birthday

While most of my newborn & baby session take place at my in-home studio, once kids pass their first birthday, I encourage parents to choose an outdoor location where their child will thrive. To be honest, the studio environment is kinda boring once you are able to walk & talk. And as toddlers & preschoolers, their attention span is short. They want to be active, exploring & playing – outside!

During these sessions, that is totally encouraged! I want kids to be themselves…because what, exactly, are we trying to remember about this age? It isn’t only about what they look like anymore. In these images, we want their personality to come shining through, right? So go ahead, kiddo! Go play in the dirt, pick out your favorite rocks, and smell the flowers. Come sit on the wall and tell me all about why you love watermelon, gym class, and helicopters.

Tucson Botanical Gardens, Third Birthday Session – Derick

Derick has been visiting me for several years now. It is amazing how much he has changed…but at the same time, I still recognize personality traits from our first meeting two years ago! It is truly fascinating watching these little people grow up. To see our other sessions together, click these links: First birthday, Family Session 2016, Second birthday, Mommy & Me 2017, Extended Family Session 2017, Mommy & Me 2018.

One of my favorite things that Jacqui has come up with, is to have Derick holding a picture of himself from the previous year, and on & on. Isn’t that a fun tradition?



Jacqui chose the Tucson Botanical Gardens for this year’s birthday session & I have to say that I love how this session turned out. Before this, I had never done a morning session at this location. It turned out beautifully. Spring is definitely the best time to take advantage of the beautiful blooms & lush green colors happening at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It is a real Tucson gem.

Tucson-third-birthday-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens Tucson-third-birthday-photography-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens Tucson-third-birthday-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy-baby-plan Tucson-third-birthday-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-baby-plan Tucson-third-birthday-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy-plants Tucson-third-birthday-outdoor-photography-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy Tucson-third-birthday-photography-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy Tucson-third-birthday-outdoor-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy Tucson-third-birthday-outdoor-photography-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens Tucson-third-birthday-outdoor-photographer-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens Tucson-third-birthday-photography-Tucson-Botanical-Gardens-little-boy-plants

Another fun tradition that Jacqui started at Derick’s last birthday session, was to use something that he loves to shape the number of his birthday. Last year it was rocks. This year is it toy cars & helicopters. I can’t wait to see what it might be next year!?


If you are considering a lush green location to use for your family or birthday portraits, consider the Tucson Botanical Gardens. While there is an entrance fee & photography fee, it can be well worth the expense to have a session there (especially if you are already a member)!


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